General Governor Job Description

Governor Job Description
1 For All Governors
1.1 Standard Requirements
1.1.1 Agree to West Berks Code of Conduct
Copy distributed at first meeting of academic year, and available on request from Clerk
1.1.2 Commitment
Anticipate working around four hours every week. Some of this time will be during normal school hours.
Attend all Governing Body meetings
Anticipate attending and contributing to sub-committee and/or taking responsibility for a specific role, eg H&S, Learning…
1.1.3 Visiting the school
Visit the school once per term
Plan visit in advance in conjunction with a class teacher or Headteacher, and ensure objectives of visit agreed
Briefly document observations and conclusions from visit using standard template
1.1.4 Development and Skills
All governors must be –
Be responsible for their own development
Consider skills required for current role, and prepare for future roles
Prepare yourself for current and future roles
Help prepare others
Use range of development options
WB training
On-line ‘GEL’ training
Web based resources
i.e. reading
Mentoring from staff or other governors

1.1.5 Training
In addition to any role specific development
Familiar with governors induction pack
Familiar with our most recent Ofsted report (published July 2010)
Read and understand our Development Plan (distributed regularly at governor meetings, or available from Clerk)
Read all school policies
Familiar with OFSTED framework
Read Governors handbook published by D of E.
Regarding data, as an absolute minimum, read and understand Ofsted data dashboard. Ideally also be familiar with FFT data dashboard. An overview of the most recent RaiseOnline report would be an advantage.
1.1.6 Working ‘norms’
Ability to use
Google Docs or other collaboration or cloud based options
Web based calendar
Online training
1.2 Objectives
1.2.1 Set objectives/plan for the year
It is beneficial for each governor if they set their own plan for their activities for each year.
What do you plan to achieve this year?
Consider whether what you do/plan to do will have impact on children
Talk with staff and other governors to help with ideas

The purpose of school is to help provide children with a good education, both academically and socially, so that they are very well prepared to meet the challenges of secondary school, and future life. If, as governors, we find ourselves doing a task or activity that has no impact on this, then we are probably wasting our time!

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